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No one can limit how hard you work toward achieving your dreams.  You can never get laid off from your efforts.  There is no limit to the hours you can put in.  You can work as much overtime as you like.  If you get a burst of energy or an “aha” moment in the middle of the night, no one can stop you from burning  the midnight oil.  No one can say, ‘ok, it’s time to wrap it up”. You set the pace. You can race toward the finish line like a run away train. You can take off like a rocket into outer space.

You can explore every possibility, every probility, and seize every opportunity.

You can visualize, you can focus, you can create, you can build.

You can imagine, invent, improve and advance.

There are no limits, no boundaries. Just you.

Be inspired today to do the work of achieving your dreams, knowing that you are UNSTOPPABLE!