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The Permission To Be “Larger Than Life”


Have you ever felt scared about going after your dream because the thought of taking the first steps on your own made if feel impossible or unrealistic?  After all, how much can one person do; there are only so many hours in a day; everyone has their limits, Right?

Not too long ago, I felt this way.   With the tasks of building a business, taking care of the kids, watching over the finances, designing, producing, servicing clients, and training my 22 year old son in the business while dealing with the challenges for our employer/employee relationship, I was overwhelmed.

I went to my mom with my concerns and she let me know that I could do all that needed to be done.  She made me realize that the dreams and goals I seek to materialize are mine because I possess what it takes to bring them to realization.  She gave me the permission to be “Larger Than Life”. It’s ok to take on the unimaginable, the monumental, the insurmountable, and dream big even if you have to start out or travel much of the Journey by yourself.

Have no fear. You have what it take to be “Larger Than Life”!

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