I’m Shawn Davis, a mixed-media artist and printmaker residing in Virginia Beach, VA. I’m pursuing my career as a full time artist with the mandate to Celebrate, Collect and Create!


Everyday I wake up, I celebrate all that I have. I have learned to view everything in my possession as a resource, a supply, a means to a creative end. This mindset has helped me to view everything with new eyes and puts me in the mood to be imaginative and excited about the possibilities.


I love to make curated collections of the resources I have around me; grouping together items I feel may work together to make something new. This helps me to organize materials for use as opposed to storage. I have bundles of recycled newspaper, corrugated cardboard, cereal boxes, junk mail, etc; all resources I use in my work.


I have always been a maker. Creating, for me, is centered around exploring the attributes of the resources at my disposal and then using those attributes to the fullest in my creative process. It is my goal to adopt Prolific Creation as a lifestyle, with the readiness to embrace the outcome of my creative endeavors with the fueling anticipation of discovery.