Achieving Goals and Manifesting Dreams: The “To Do” list vs. the “What I Haven’t Done” list

Do you have dreams and goals that you haven’t been able to achieve?  If so, you may need to shift your focus from the “To do” list to the “What I haven’t done” list.

“To do” lists are mainly populated with tasks that are already part of our normal routines.  “Pick up suit from dry cleaners”, “email mock-up to client”, “update webpage” or “book flight for conference” are all examples of tasks we might see on a “To do” list.  “To do” lists are filled with familiar tasks we can wrap our heads around because we have the understanding, skills and/or an efficient level of experience to get the job done.  However, the “What I haven’t done” list forces us out of our comfort zones into uncharted waters.  The “What I haven’t done” list forces us to take a closer look at the things we put off or totally neglect to embark upon due to fear, uncertainty, lack of discipline, or maybe all the above. 

The key to achieving goals and manifesting dreams is to dive deep into your “What I haven’t done” list. UNCOVER why you haven’t and DISCOVER how you can get the tasks done that will bring about the change you want to see in your life.

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