Working Big To Go Small

Recently I decided to revisit a book I read a while back, “The 10x Rule” by Grant Cardone.  This book got me thinking about how I could increase my art production by 10 times my normal output.  I decided that the solution was to work on the largest size substrate possible and then cut the large piece into smaller pieces to form various smaller works.  This process has given me the freedom to create without worrying about the end result. This works because I can’t predict the outcome beforehand.  I can’t predict where a section of my canvas will end up.  I work with a specific color pallet and do several large compositions that allow me to fully explore the colors and what they can do in relationship to each other.  The process is purely exploratory. 

Here is a large composition that I worked on recently. 

After cutting this piece into 9 – 11″ x 17″ pieces, I proceeded to use the piece to form my journals using my gift bag book design.

I plan to continue working this way for a while.

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